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Isotech designs and produces highly technological systems for the treatment of primary, and waste waters and for the recirculation of process waters.

The techniques used are absolutely pioneering, starting with the electrochemical treatment using special electrodes, to the membrane systems including the bioreactors.

Each operation aims to minimise environmental impact and is part of an integrated treatment system wherever possible.

This policy adopted by Isotech is reflected in particular in the field of complex industrial systems, for which integrated planning of all the company’s production lines is made so as to fit in the treatment at the end of the processing phase, to reduce the pollutant charge of the outgoing waste and encourage the recovery of materials which can be reutilised in the process or the direct recycling of the water used.

For example, in the tanning sector, among the main innovative elements the following stand out:

• the compact system for the treatment and recovery of the tanning bath by means of electrodialysis with deionisation phases and consequent reuse of the extremely pure tanning liquor free of organic substances;

• the system of passivated membranes for the treatment and partial recirculation of residual waters containing dissolved organic substances and salts but with a low content of suspended salts;

• the electrocoagulation and flotation of the waste waters of the spray lines with total recirculation of the same.