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chemical products

At its plant in Pontedera (PI), Isotech utilises a brand new and completely automatic mixing line for water-based chemical products to prepare polymeric resins, surfactants, oils, detergents, alternative non-chrome tanning products etc.

There are stocks of approximately 100 m3 of reactives and production capacity is high given that the volume of reaction/mixing is 6 m3.

At the moment Isotech is however inclined towards a limited production of environmentally friendly innovative chemical agents (see for example the already mentioned non-chrome tanning agents and the new formula series of anti-static products for use during re-tanning and in the finishing stages of the leather).

Isotech is therefore also in a position to produce chemical products for THIRD PARTIES to their specific formulas.

In addition, Isotech has, always at the headquarters in Pontedera, an evaporator that allows you to concentrate aqueous solutions with a process that happens vacuum where the boiling temperature of water is about 60°C. Since this is a low temperature do not occur structural changes due to temperatures above 65°C.