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Isotech is a pioneer in the design, manufacture and marketing of cogeneration of heat and/or electricity, both in the context of waste treatment plants in that of small production units. Isotech in recent years has specialized in the use of biomass for energy focusing on cogeneration plants fueled by vegetable oil and mainly fed with syngas produced from the pyrolysis of biomass.

In particular Isotech has developed a technology for operating a further up-grading of the syngas pyrolysis and gasification, mainly obtained from unsorted waste, with production through catalytic processes of the latest generation of hydrogen technical or methane with a high degree of purity, such as to be placed in the distribution networks.

Among the waste treatment plants with advanced technology, the most significant proposed by Isotech is represented by the "pyrolysis" in that it allows the elimination of the waste environmentally correct with the same high energy recovery and simultaneous reset of the sources in both solid and gaseous (there are no emissions and do not produce toxic waste). Its business is not just the landfill, but also to the selection plants, neutralization, recovery of valuable materials and reuse of waste such as rubber, plastics, electronic components, etc.. The corporate philosophy also in this case is to give priority to the design of integrated platforms, that allow optimizing the use of resources and the maximum recovery of energy and materials, with minimum handling of waste.