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Vegetable Oil Cogeneration

The process of production of sunflower oil/soybean/rapeseed consists in grinding and cold pressing of the material collected in the field from which the vegetable oil is obtained by mechanical processing, the residue of squeezing consists of panels that can be used as well as animal feed.

The vegetable oil so produced may be emulsified with water that performs the function of thermal flywheel in the various phases of the motor. Indeed, from the experiences carried out, when the engine is required to provide for long periods of time a power close to 3/4 or 4/4 of the maximum, as is generally the case in the motors of the installations of power generation, it is noted a rise of the values the average temperature in the engine and exhaust gas, with a consequent reduction of the life of the lubricating oil and excessive stress of the mechanical parts (cylinders and pistons). The presence of water in these phases allows the absorption of part of the heat for the evaporation process of the water itself. Furthermore, the evaporation process is accomplished so quickly as to cause an explosion of microdroplets of water. All this improves combustion and increases the efficiency of the motor with immediate fuel savings.

The emulsion of oil and water, immiscible in the natural state, is realized with the addition of an additive which ensures resistance for a time slightly less than a year, the homogeneity of distribution of microdroplets of water of diameter less to 100 microns.

Obviously, this additive has been previously tested to verify the non-toxicity and lack of other polluting emissions within the combustion process.

The co-generators manufactured by us are generally completed by pre-heating and filtration of incoming heat recovery from the combined or separate from the liquid phase and the gaseous (emission), by catalytic converter pressure drop is not significant, from shelter to various degrees soundproofing, other customizations requested by the customer.